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Michael Discioarro did an amazing job representing me when I was involved in an accident and charged with DUI in the Bronx. He was extremely knowledgeable of the Bronx legal system and he was willing to try every possible option with the prosecutors and judges to help me keep my license and avoid a permanent record which could hurt my career options. He was easy to reach and talk to every step of the way and he explained everything in a clear and understandable manner. Thanks to Michael I was able to keep my license throughout the case and I will not have a permanent record. I would very strongly recommend Michael to my friends and family.


M.B. 1/14/13 DWI CASE



As a working professional Michael was great for my case and was very diligent in communicating the facts of my case. He was very helpful and very timely. His intimate knowledge of the judicial system made me feel very comfortable. In the end everything worked out and I am very glad to refer him to my friends and loved ones. Michael was great from A to Z.


R.F. 3/5/11- DWI CASE


Mike worked hard and got my case dismissed. he is not he cheapest lawyer around but wll worth the money.


D.P. 2/12/10 DWI CASE


Mike explained to me everything that was going on and he was great in court. He got my case dismissed by making a motion. I would highly recommend him.


O.S. 3/11/13 DWI CASE